46. Eyewitness New 9 Orlando Fl (Bed / Jacuzzi limo & Jenny) 47. STAR LIMO (Our Own Commercial) 48. STAR LIMO (Our 4th Commercial, We were in our PRIME) 49. Rock Video (Forever Amour ~ De'sire, Ferrari) 50. WCW Wrestling HULK HOGAN      (40 foot Mercedes convertible heart shaped tub and PH Pets) 51. BAD COMMERCIAL (by Stagg Collage Limo Bob's fleet!) 52. FOX 32 LIVE (Cubs Opener showing off how people got there) 53. NEWS Nashville TN (Tri-Axle heading to FL, Opreyland USA) 54. WTVX NEWS (Palm Beach, Florida) 55. FOX 32 NEWS (Jenny's 6th Birthday”Mickey & Minny” Party) 56. Mainstreet Commercial 57. ABC 7 NEWS (Prom kids make a stink & more) 58. GOLF OUTING (Mayor Daley, Walter Payton, Michael Jordon) 59. NEWS Delray Beach, FL (XL40 Limo ~ 1st World famous Limo)
33. CBS 2 (Bob Wallace Bed / Jacuzzi Limo) 34. FOX TV (Land, Sea & Air Limo Bob does it ALL) 35, WGN 9 NEWS (Featuring Triple Axle Limo) 36, WGN 9 NEWS (Awards Night w/ Super-Stretch Excalibur Limo) 37. Cable Interview (Brookfield High) 38. Fresh Prince of Bel Air commercial with STAR LIMO 39. FOX 32 NEWS (Lady wins a VW & Limo Bob gives charity) 40. STAR LIMO (Our own Commercial on TV 41. STAR LIMO ~ Our own Christmas commercial on TV 42. FOX 32 NEWS “World of Wheels” (10 Wheeler 45’ w/ pool) 43. NBC 5 NEWS “Snoop Dogg's Dogg Pound scams $500k) 44. NEWS 6 New (Orleans & Q -93's radio @ Limo Convention) 45. XCPX NEWS (Orlando Fl. "60 Seconds" Worlds Longest)
16) WGN 9 Morning Show (Continued from last collage) 17. Shop and Save FOX News MAD DAD! 18. Jenny Jones (Your Look is so Extreme!) 19. Maury Povich Show (Scammed) 20. Jenny Jones (Rags to Riches) 21. Sally Show (Scammed by Kim Basinger, ...Lowest Point in Life!) 22. Sally Show (First show to aks What Happened) 23. NBC 5 New (Introducing 45’ double rumble seat) 24. ABC 7 NEW (45’ again ~ Rumble seat) Chicago 25. Wild Chicago (WTTW 11 in the beginning!) 26. NBC 5 NEWS (Intro 1st Triple Axle Limo w/ Hot Tub) 27. CBS 2 NEWS (Bob Wallace 40’ Special “Jim McMahon”) 28. WGN 9 NEWS (Intro 40’ Tri-Axle) 29. ABC 7 NEWS (Joan Esposito & Frank Matthey Special) 30. WGN 9 NEWS ("Chicago's Very Own") 31. NBC 5 NEWS (Nursing Homes Residents Trip) 32. Chicago Cubs Opener (Trains, Buses, & Even Limos ~ Tri Axle)
Limo Mogul Limo Bob who rents exotic limos, planes, helicopters and boats appears on the CW Daily Buzz to display some of his limos, talk about his life and his two world record for custom limos.
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