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All My life I gave free rides to nursing home patients every year for 35 years, Still today Limo Bob continues to love the Senior & offers free limo rides to children's hospitals and orphanages Even on a cross country tour searching for America's Missing Children. (See www.fireballrun.com ) Limo Bob speaks to the Florida’s Dept of Juvenile Justice system, several times sharing his inspiration story of his amazing LIMO SUCCE$$ spanning 5 Decades / 3 Generations of LIMO ICON's. This is Limo Bob’s way of thanking GOD for his Blessed life. He lives everyday as if it were his last. Every weekend he goes thanking GOD for blessing all his life.   **************************************************************************************************************************   4/16/12 ~ After limo bob & Christi drink wine with Jesus at the last supper table @ the Holyland Experiance, he takes Christi on a tour where it was a stage of golden accent everywhere! Limo Bob drops to 1 knee @ then Collaseum and asks Christi to marry him. She says YES! And he pulls out an engagement ring and put it on Christi's finger. This is truly a LOVE STORY.   Now Limo Bob has begin working on consulting Christi's Limo Service and Launches it into orbit before Limo Bob heads to Chicago to tighten up his kids Limo Empire up there as well. Limo Bob & Christi decide to drive to Chicago to take Possession back of the Chicago company as Flt Mgr Jimmy, calls Mutany on the Limo Co. Limo bob takes the limos back, fires all co conspirators of the Flt Mgr, and Hires all new drivers and flt mgrs. and hangs with Bobby J for a few months to show him the way Dad operates. Today Bobby & Jennys company is cooking like betty crocker!!!! limo biz has tripled in 1 year. Amazing!   1/2/13 ~ Princess Christi & Limo Bob decide to take Bobby & Jenny on a cruise to the Islands. It was a wonderful 5 day cruise, we all get back on 1/11/13. We had the time of our life! What bquality time together after being 1200 miles apart for a few years now.   1/12/13 ~ We get back in the saddle, to play catch up from our 4 months of being gone from FL. Our Flt Mgr. in Tampa Bay started to play games on the co in FL, so We fired him upon our arrival and hire more drivers for Christi's ever growing fleet. And we again Tighten up the Tampa FL. Co. All is Great! the trick is to stay on top of all GPS and Sharp eyes & ears and make your team a Promoting Success for all, everyone is making commission's and the sky is the limit, and none of Limo Bobs Players are settleing for the clouds. 5 decades of Blood, Sweat, Tears & much Much SUCCE$$!   ************************************************************************************************* Our Wedding is 45 days away:   Meanwhile we air on the Brides of Beverly Hills And get ready for our "BIG" wedding day.   3/1/13 ~ Limo Bob goes in search to make it a sweet wedding for them so he goes to the Florida Keys and stay's on a Private Island off the coast of Marathon Key. Limo Bob was in awe, WOW I love it on my very own tropical Island, Christi we gotta move to the KEYS! Christi says Lets do it! We can move there the beginning of summer 2013. Here is how we tripped on the Island:   I get a call from "Island Tommy" and he says Limo Bob, The grounds keeper Nate will show it to you and give you the keys to try it out for a couple nights. So off they go to the Florida Keys, after making an appearance in Miami for a movie LIMO BOB  playing himself as an entertainment Mogul providing Limos, Yachts, Jets, Mansions etc.... to the Gangsters in the Movie.   We finally get to the Keys, we get to the Private parking lot for your limo, cars, boats, jet skis etc..... Nate says hop on the boat, said start the pontoon boat and head out to the Island, as we cruise along the yachts and speed boats we come out to the mouth of the Gulf of Mexico (Pitch Black, only see the clouds through the full moon. we get to the dock,and walk down the long dock, and up to the mansion with a lit up Roman style pool. and into our room we go, Christi is exhausted, and I am MIND TRIPPING about our all new VENTURE and looking forward to the island. & Taking over the florida keys from Key west to Key largo and more, with Limos, Islands, Jets, Helicopters that land on water, and Party planners Extrordinaire by Bobby J & Jenny, DJ's bartenders, and a spead of Exotic foods and deserts from Cupcake creations (our cupcake cafe down the road, ect. I cant sleep! Christi is out like a light.   So I grab my pants and gun and decide to check out this private island. Everywhere I went I was amazed. ever dock I waked was amazing, the view was out of control, every level I climbed there was an Island Kat, that lead my way in the dark and rubbed up my leg for the entire tour, LOL.by the time I got to the top level. I was simply in shock, my mind was dreaming and dreaming out of control. The entire Island is Coral reef, it will never go away, It is ROCK SOLID and this is a whole different way of Living, Lets go! The next morning Island Tommy asked me how did I like it, Christi said bob wake up, Island  Tommy is on the Phone. I grabbed the Phone and said QUOTE! ~ Tommy this Island is AMAZING! he said why are you still sleeping, I said I couldn't go to sleep until 4am I was so freaking excited! he said did you meet the island pets? I said what Island pets. He said Rocky and Adrian? I said who are they? he said Rocky is a 7 foot Iguana, Adrian is a 5 footer. I said WHAT? They could have eaten me alive, (LOL or part of me). Tommy said no they are friendly just give them a Banana if they come up to you. (Can you Imagine if one of them would have come up to me, I would have Probably Shot the Owner of the Islands Pets?) OUCH! He said they had Babies and there are like 20 to 25 Babies on the Island too. I Love it! you should see the pics of them. really Cool Island pets to have.   We scoped out all the Keys from Key Largo, and the second night went to key West and it was great, we had to much fun. This is the place I want to spend the rest of the days of our wonderful Lives or until we want to go to another magical place, we love to travel.   Watch my Party Planners go to work, here is what Bobby J did for his very own MTV Supersweet 16 birthday bash! (Bobby I will need the actual clip), here is the pics. http://www.mtv.com/videos/misc/188398/never-before-seen-suiting- up.jhtml#series=2215&seriesId=13922&channelId=1&id=1574082   I always knew I was a One Mans Women all my life! (Listen to the song Second Chance by Shine down) It was our wedding song: My new life begins....... with my New princess Christi.   Today his Angel owns and operates www.royalprincesslimo.com in the Tampa Bay area.   And my Son the Prince ~ Bobby J. And my Princess Daughter Jenny own and operate www.royaltylifestyles.com covering the entire Chicagoland area.   Next move is the Keys www.keyclublimo.com to build another Empire before we begin selling Limo Bob Enterprises Franchises worldwide coming soon.....   And we are happy to say “Limo Bob” gets a shot at his Second Realty show all about Building, Renting and Selling Limos worldwide & worldwide conceiarge services featuring Jets, Helicopters, Mansions, Islands, Party Planning etc..... Your wish is our command.   Filming for Limo Bob’s new show begins this summer / fall ~ of 2013 & episode # 1 ~ Featuring Limo Bob ~ Showcasing this amazing man that succeeded, not once, not twice, but 3 times, acheiveing the American Dream! And how he shared his success with others (The Needy) along the way, this was his way of Thanking God for all he has been blessed with all his life.   (Also be sure to see Limo Bob and Christi on the stage for Spring breakers the Movie, starring James Franco & Selena Gomez and a bunch of other stars.) They even used everything in Limo Bob's Treasure Island Penthouse for the movie for PROPS like kool Kat, Snakeskin briefcase, Limo Bob's bullet proof vest and all the artillery that goes with it, even a Scarface pic that they had to pay Scarface $1,000 to use my pic., LOL....How Fun! also they used our limos, lambo's, and Power speed boats, & many more props for the movie coming out Spring 2013 ~ Here is the Teaser / Spring Breakers ~ coming March 22 everywhere:   Hollywood get ready for your new Neighbor, LOL meet Limo Bob ~ Just when you'd thought you'd seen it all.......? What next, stay tuned to www.limobob.com for details.   PS Looking for a Publisher for a Book about his true life story, and also a Film maker for the movie From "Rags to Tuxedo's!"   Much Love to all & God Bless you all!   Thanks LB

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