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Year 1968 limos Bob's Life begins working: from a child cutting lawns age 10 & he moved his way up to a fleet of riding mowers and all making bucks$$ cutting all the neighborhood lawns, and in the winter putting Snow Blades on the front of his Big Lawn Machines.   FAST FORWARD........   Through limo Bob's life, the rise and fall not once, not twice but three times!!! Show the 70's - 80's -90's & 2000's against all odds. Only in America living the American dream..   (Others can Talk the Talk, but have they walked the walk.) Limo Bob just walked you through his part life, now for an update on his life now and his dreams for the future.   April 1, 2009 ~ Limo Bob & Family move to Treasure Island Fla with the Family (Show the clip of moving into the Venetian Penthouse, dogs and all.) Mo and the Kids get home sick and want to go back to our Chicago Home.   Limo Bob says I have worked 35 years 24/7/365 day a year x's 3 working shifts equivalent to 105 years of work! limo Bob semi retires on the beaches of Tampa bay Life couldn't be better! (Show the clips of Building, Renting and Selling limos for over 4 decades.)   (Show the clips living in Florida) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uJlZZD15BNs   Sept 15th, 2009 ~ Mo and the Kids go back to our Chicago Home. Bob kisses them all goodbye, told them to come back anytime they want to their second home.   Limo Bob is so sad in paradise without his kids, he misses them so much that the only help for his broken heart was to pray to GOD! So he began going to church every Sunday and vowed to never stop going for the rest of his life, no matter where in the world he is. He always loved God and had my own relationship with him He has always been a Roman Catholic Boy, and very happy with it. Now he visits Gods home and he loves it, Every weekend he goes and has never missed a weekend in 4 years.   Limo Bob gained many of friends on the beaches of Treasure Island FL. Limousines bringing in lots of friends to his massive Penthouse on Treasure Island FL. ~ some good friends & some bad people that Limo Bob didn't even know. Let me say it like this, I would invite 6 people to the penthouse and those 6 would invite 10 of their friends each, to say there was a party at limos bobs he has Pool, Chef's and bartenders and servants walking around service you everything. until one night got very out of control and it was the first night limo bob's posse was not hanging they all had family functions to go to, and LB looks at the Chef Umbrae and says: these people need to leave now, no one listened???   There was over 50 people. All I could think of was the 10 commandments the movie when Moses came down from the mountain with the tablets and everyone was partying out of control, with freaks climbing up the balconies (Like in the Movie Scarface) and coming from everywhere! I prayed to God to help me get them all out of here, it looked like the people of the ten commandments. And somehow God gave me the ability to grab my bullet proof vest and freak them all out SCREAMMING to leave, It took about 1/2 hour to get them all out. Finally got them all out and what a lesson learned (Living the SINGLE LIFE) WOW,  I preferred to be married. LOL,,,, For Real.   It became quiet. I fell on the couch, and said to chef Umbrae why are you still cooking crab cakes and all? He said what do we do with all this food here I cooked, I said we will give it to the Beach Bums on the TI boardwalk. Let them all celebrate, give them the Booze and all.  and that will be my last party @ DA penthouse. LOL (For the next week strange things were happening on the Treasure Island Boardwalk when I would walk the 2 miles with my weights curling for the entire walk, I was seeing all the Bums sleep all over the beaches with big bellies, and out like a light from all the booze, I laughed for another week, I became their best friends so they began sleeping in my Sea Bushes in my backyard of the Penthouse. LOL Oh what the heck they have to live too.    From then on out if Limo Bob wanted to see people he went out of his Penthouse on the Beach, and never had another party (outside of close friends and family).   April 16th, 2010 ~ (7 Months Later)   We met by the grace of God on 4/16/10 (Christi's birthday) how God brought us together and how we lived the next 3 years living happily ever after. Christi is truly an angel sent to me from GOD. I simple could not be happier!!!) you will hear the inspirational story from Christi (About she one night prayed for a good Christian man, she was tired of the dating  scene and on the very next day, after meeting her on her Birthday @ Ricky "T's" in Treasure Island FL. when Limo Bob emailed and asked: Would you like to go to Church with me at St. Johns on St. Pete Beach and then out to dinner and some dancing after that.) Christi was Floored! and she said YES! This truly is the match made from heaven. Until she went to www.limobob.com and saw this Gangster looking dude wearing 33 pounds of gold and Diamonds around all these funky looking limos with Jacuzzi's jets and Phantoms and wild and crazy wheels. LOL, but she said let her NO be NO, and her YES be YES, (Her family didn't agree with that until they met LB then they loved him). Never judge a book by its cover, LOL..   We both were with our former spouses for 33 wonderful years for Limo Bob and 28 wonderful years for Christi. And we both Love our 2 kids each. Our gifts from God.   Jenny 30 ~ Jenny 26 ~ Derrick 25 ~ Bobby J 21   Now June 25th, 2010 ~ TRU TV puts out the LIMO BOB Reality show on TRU TV ~ 2 episodes back to back on a Friday night at 11pm til midnight, we were a hit, We exceeded the viewers quota to make it. And the excitement was on for the family and the posse, (We have clips of the teaser, 2 pilots & 2 episodes)   http://limobob.com/trutv.htm watch it all on this link. Click Here for the NEXT CHAPTER in Life....

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